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Knowledge, expertise, contacts, all extremely valuable.


The skills and knowledge that non-executive directors can bring to companies can be extremely valuable. A non-executive director can see risks and opportunities in the market-place that are sometimes overlooked by the Executive Management. By the nature of their role they can step back from the hurly burly of every day business life and see things from a different perspective. They can provide a vital strategic overview and bring highly specialised knowledge invaluable to a company going through a flotation, relocation, rebuilding programmes and/or strategic alliance. Often they sit on internal committees that require an independent body of thought, separate and not answerable to the Chief Executive, Managing Director or Chairman.


Companies also recognise they would benefit from expanding their management talent base. There are thousands of professionals, senior managers, CEO’s, directors and individuals with specialised knowledge and contacts who can provide the expertise companies need.


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If you wish to become a non-executive director it can yield significant benefits – extensive network opportunities, valuable trade channels and, of course, competitive directors fees.

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